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GOLDLINE® Keeping It Quiet With Style...

WALLFACE Wall Coverings have your wall lining needs covered
The GOLDLINE range of wall covering fabrics marketed throughout Middle East, Sub Continent and Europe under the registered brands of WALLFACE®

Manufactured from polyester fibers utilizing the latest needle-punched and thermal-bonding processes and technology, resulting in highly durable products with exceptional performance characteristics.

The use of polyester fibers provide a long list of benefits for both the interior designer and the end-user, including being non-absorbent, stain resistant, completely safe and non-toxic and UV stabilized to provide resistance to color fade.

The GOLDLINE® Wall Coverings product range include a multi-purpose wall fabric, WALLFACE a market-leading acoustic wall covering that provides an exciting and attractive new option for the interior designer, be it for an application in a school classroom or an office.

Walls need never be drab or boring again WALLFACE®  wall coverings provide a colorful and practical solution with the freedom of design choice.

WALLFACE®WALLFACE is a 2-3mm decorative wall covering in fine velour or texture finish, which can be direct stuck to any wall surface. WALLFACE is the perfect choice for applications such as in the home, home theater, office, meeting room, business center, hotel, lobby, restaurant, lounges, cinema, entertainment facilities, school, lecture hall, library, and even yachts. WALLFACE is also ideal as a finish on office partitions, acoustic partitions, work stations panels, exhibition panels and retail displays.

The WALLFACE® range of wall coverings are made from 100% polyester. It is produced by high-density needling and thermal bonding. There are no other components or materials used in the process or manufacture. This means WALLFACE® is completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritant, and being non-woven, WALLFACE® also provides increased design freedom by allowing logos and cut-ins to be easily incorporated without edge fray, as can happen with woven fabrics.

Polyester is not affected by moisture, is naturally resistant to biological or insect attack, and will not support fungi or dust mites. WALLFACE® will not rot or break down, and is completely cleanable. WALLFACE® is also UV stabilized to provide resistance to color fade.

WALLFACE® is available in may fashion colors and comes in fine plush velour finishes. Customer color customization facility also available (min. quantity apply)

WALLFACE® has already successfully been used in a variety of applications such as homes, offices, schools, in motor homes and even yachts! WALLFACE® is also ideal as a finish on office partitions, pin and noticeboards, exhibition panels and retail displays.

WALLFACE®  has another interesting feature that makes it an acoustic wall covering when combined with a polyester backing to create a wall covering with exceptional acoustic properties as well as having all the benefits and elegance of WALLFACE. It is ideal in areas where reverberated noise is a problem and as it is pin, staple and 'hook and loop' receptive, it's perfect for everything from kids' bedrooms and games rooms through to offices and classrooms.

WALLFACE® a velour-type surface, backed by 10-12mm thick polyester backing which combines an attractive, decorative surface with the usefulness of a pinboard or noticeboard. Entire walls can be covered in WALLFACE® providing acoustic control and the ambience of a luxury fabric. It can also be used in the manufacture of individual Pinboard systems.

Keeping it quiet and comfortable

WALLFACE® acoustic wall coverings combine velour fabric with a 10-12mm & 12-14mm polyester backing to create a multi-use wall covering with exceptional acoustic properties. Entire walls can be covered with WALLFACE typically reducing reverberated noise by approximately 40% (NRC rating 0.4). With easy installation options WALLFACE is the ideal choice for the education sector, commercial offices, theatres, libraries, retail shops, restaurant and café, residential applications including kids bedrooms - anywhere you need a surface that can reduce noise and/or act as a notice board or pin board system.

Exceptional features
WALLFACE is hook and loop receptive, while it is also pin and staple receptive, eliminating unsightly pin holes in the wall.
WALLFACE  is available in roll format, sheets or as stick-able tiles - perfect for DIY (do it your self) installations allowing for greater design flexibility.
WALLFACE is available and can be customize in various fashionable colors & textures, offering complete design freedom to complement any decor.
The use of specialized non-woven manufacturing processes means WALLFACE will not zip or fray.
Polyester fiber is safe, non toxic, recyclable, environmentally friendly and highly resistant to fading. WALLFACE is also stain and moisture resistant which means they won’t rot or breakdown, providing years of good looks and service.

Product Specifications

100% polyester fibers

Total Product Weight
WALLFACE = 450gsm  - 1600gsm

Total Nominal Thickness
WALLFACE = 2-3mm  and 10-12mm

600mm x 600mm (10 per box - standard tile)
600mm x 600mm (6 per box – stick-able tile)

Roll/ Sheet Length/Width
WALLFACE = 50m x 1.4m wide
WALLFACE = Standard 25 x 1.22m wide
WALLFACE = Sheet 1.2 x 2.4 meters 
UV Stabilized:  Please refer to the relevant warranty sheet

Moisture Absorption
0.006% will not rot or smell

Fire Ratings
BS476 : Part 5: Class P, Part 6 and Part 7: Class 1Y

Acoustic Performance

GOLDLINE ACOUSTIC WALL COVERING has been tested to NOISE REDUCTION COEFFICIENT (NRC) of 0.4  and typically reduces reverberated noise by approximately 40%

Ask your local distributor for GOLDLINE Wall Coverings Care and Maintenance brochure, or download a copy from this website.

Ask your local distributor for GOLDLINE Wall Coverings Installation sheet, or download a copy from this website.
Quality Standards Manufactured to ISO 9001 International Quality Standards.

General:  For further information about our complete range of quality fabric wall coverings, contact your local distributor.

Suitable applications

  • Classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Lecture theatres
  • Entranceways and corridors
  • Music rooms
  • Showrooms
  • Retail Fitouts
  • Offices
  • Boardrooms
  • Entertainment Facilities 
  • Kids’ Bedrooms
  • Home Theaters
  • Restaurants, Bars and Cafes


“Pinboard or Notice board has been specifically designed for a variety of pinboard and display applications. The superior pin retention and performance properties of the range, including the exceptional color choice, make it the premium choice for all notice board and presentation board applications. The unrivalled performance of Notice board means that it is often copied, but never bettered.
Notice board is recommended for use on pinboard and notice board applications, display boards, walling and operable walls.”


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