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NEW Coated fiberglass fabrics with a patented special acoustic weave
For "designer" acoustic comfort
For all acoustic absorption functions

















Product features


  • comfort optimized by acoustic absorption, perfectly matched to the interior design

A single product for 3 functions:

  • technical function: acoustic quality without thermal resistance to ensure a healthy atmosphere in humid surroundings
  • design: 12 colours to give free rein to the imagination  
  • comfort: for a calm but cheerful atmosphere
  • A light, gossamer-thin acoustic solution, easy to fit to walls and ceilings  
  • A tough architectural solution for good-looking durability

For Frame-mounted Tensile ceilings Fixed or mobile partitions, Velums and Spinnakers

intelligent fabrics GOLDLINE® ACOUSTIC 60





What you need to know about acoustic absorption

Acoustic absorption: why and where?

In buildings for services or cultural activities, or in buildings open to the public, it is required for:

  • Improving communication to make conversations easier to understand
  • keeping down ambient noise levels.

The GOLDLINE ACOUSTIC® 60 fabric, which significantly reduces acoustic reverberation, helps to meet both objectives.

Limiting ambient noise is a requirement in buildings open to the public:


Tertiary sector: halls,
meeting rooms, open spaces

Public sector: swimming
pools, sports centers,


Cultural sector: auditoria, concert halls, night clubs,
congress halls, exhibition halls, museums, cinemas,





Hotels: passageways, lobbies


Stations, airports

GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60: a powerful, healthy
and good-looking acoustic solution

GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 is an
effective response for lower acoustic reverberation.

This acoustic fabric, made of controlled-diameter fibreglass, has no risk of inhalation. Labeled
Oekotex Standard 100, it contains no chemicals
harmful for the health and safety of users.

Rot-proof, it is perfect for humid environments and
is outstandingly durable in internal and external use.

GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 is a designer solution to acoustic absorption needs. The absorbent agent is completely visible, unlike foams, panels, etc. This prevents any risk of
concealed deterioration or condensation.

Acoustis® 60 can be washed and dusted, so it is a perfectly hygienic acoustic solution.

Lightweight, with excellent mechanical resistance and perfect dimensional stability,
GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 is easy to fit. In a range of 12 colours, it offers interior designers an almost unlimited potential for creation and use.

How acoustic absorption works
Acoustic absorption reduces the reflection of sound waves in a room. This should not be confused with acoustic insulation, which prevents sound being transmitted between rooms. Absorbent materials let sound through but absorb it by converting the vibration of air molecules into heat. They reduce sound levels in a room because while sound crosses them repeatedly it loses some of its energy.

The technology of its special weave gives GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 a high acoustic absorption capacity. Perfect control of the material's porosity helps to absorb sound waves without adding any fibrous or porous material.
The acoustic performance of

GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 varies with the function. For free-floating fabric, acoustic absorption, expressed in αw, is around 0.35.
For tensile or frame-stretched structures, acoustic absorption is about 0.8 αw.

Atrium equipped with blinds









Control of ambient noise levels









GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60: acoustic comfort in three dimensions

GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 can be used for all architectural fabric functions. Apart from acoustic control, it fulfils many other functions: space layout, solar protection, light
control. Printable, it can be used as a communication and graphics medium.

Tensile panel with eyelets, on a profile or by inserting a spring and ring system. Its high
mechanical resistance means that GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 can be used on walls or ceilings. The fabric can be cut to allow for air vents and lighting systems.

GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 can be stretched on a frame as a complete panel or as an architectural feature.

Fixed or rolled up, the acoustic fabric, more particularly used in tertiary sectors, can
improve the acoustic comfort in offices and open spaces.
This application can provide an acoustic control and thus replace a ceiling that would require the addition of a fibrous material.

Velum panel the panel is mounted with springs and tensioners or with adjustable fastenings. With this system, GOLDLINE Acoustic® 60 can be used for solar protection or light control, or as a drape, where it adds to the acoustic absorption of the ceiling, notably in renovation work.



















The acoustic absorption capacity of the material is expressed by its acoustic absorption factor αW. A high absorbing material will tend towards 1, a high reflecting material will tend towards 0.

*Space behind the application.








Panel stretched by elastic or cord                                         

Panel stretched on frame

Panel stretched by springs

Acoustic absorption factor áW 0,35 to 0,8
Fire-resistance classification
BS (GB) 476 Pt 6 Class 0
Composition Coated fibreglass fabric
Weight per m2 410 g 12.1 oz/yd2 ±5% ISO 2286 - 2
Thickness 0.70 mm 27 mil ± 5% ISO 2286 - 3
Breaking strength
Warp > 150 daN/5 cm > 200 lbs/in ISO 1421
Weft > 150 daN/5 cm > 200 lbs/in
Tear resistance
Warp ≥ 5 daN EN 1875-3
Weft ≥ 4 daN
Resistance to fold
Warp and weft ≥ 20 daN/5 cm Internal procedure
Colour fastness to light 7/8 ISO 105 B02
scale of 8 White not graded
Making-up Welding (thermal, high frequency,
ultrasonic) or sewing
Marking Digital printing / Screen printing / Paint

The data in this document is for information only and may not be considered as binding.
Colours in the prints may be slightly different from the actual ones.




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The data in this document is for information only and may not be considered as binding. Colours in the prints may be slightly different from the actual ones.

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